January 1, 2013

First 2013 Post: News from Major Craft

Here we are. A new year and my first 2013 post on my blog.
I just saw a post on Major Craft's Facebook page and I wanted to share with you. According to the official Facebook page, the Japanase company is working on a "international series" named "TUREL" specifically designed for the international market.
This is something interesting as shows how the guys at MC are aware of the potential of the brand overseas. According to the first rumors, the rod series will range from LRF to Heavy stuff. It looks like we will have a brand new Solpara-Crostage level medium quality rods at great prices. Looking forward to hear and read more about it in the future. For now, check this photo shared by MC on the facebook page. This is a LRF model.

Wait for more news.

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