January 3, 2013

DUO Realis Popper 64

This is a popper that I wanted to get while in Japan but I wasn't lucky enough to find it. I think the demand was so high and I came back empty handed. Anyway, I love poppers and I use anything between 130mm and 48mm and I am very interested in those medium sized poppers that can attract some seabass lurking in skinny waters. I was lucky enough to find this video of the DUO Realis Popper 64 while checking DUO's official facebook page. Video made by a DUO enthusiast named Darko Pesic. Nice video that shows the action of this interesting DUO lure.


Berry Martin said...

Thanks for taking time for sharing this article....You are absolutely right that Video was made by a DUO enthusiast named Darko Pesic.....I personally liked this video i have also interest in these type of video....Visit this site


Anonymous said...

The right size for our german perch!