January 29, 2013

Coolest Tackle Store Ever?

If you are an angler like me, every time you enter a tackle store you feel like a kid in a candy store.
I have visited many stores, I can still recall my astonishment when I visited Bass Pro Shops the first time in Florida, or the Cabelas store in Hartford CT and the LL Bean store in Manchester. It was a great experience that went beyond the process of looking and buying lures. The atmosphere and the decoration was quite amazing. I also had the chance to visit the enormous fishing stores in Tokyo. More high tech but full of  beautiful Japanese lures and rods. I enjoyed the cozy atmosphere at the Sansui shop in Shibuya. A place where you feel the order and perfectionist aspect of the Japanese culture.
I though I have seen the best, yet I found a very interesting store while browsing around.  It is called the Naturalist Riverside. It is just A M A Z I N G.
A store specialized in trout fishing that looks mush more like a museum, such is the decoration and details that adorns this shop. Amazing cabinets full of lures and rods. A very cozy atmosphere with specific lighting to higlight the single details of the shiny reels.  Great woodwork, amazing furniture, wall decorations, frames, very detailed and perfect presentation of the lures in shelves. There are no words to describe this place. I wish I had the chance to visit it. I am not a trout fisherman but I think every store in the world should look like this one.
Ah, last thing, as always, this store is located in Japan.  Enjoy the pics!

Great cabinets. Looks like a wine cellar.

Amazing lighting

Great details.

Even this pc corner looks great.

The special lighting exalts the reels.



Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

What a beautiful place!

I would spend hours in there...
This is like a dream.

Have a good day.

vehbi said...

actually it felt me like a praying place :) be quiet and start to rise up..