January 13, 2013

A Lure Company: DUO

This a post that I wanted to write some time ago. Let's start by saying that I am in close cooperation with DUO and maybe this post might sound to you like a commercially written piece of blog.
It is true that there is a close relationship but my purpose is to write my thoughts about this great company and what pushed me to take this cooperation to the next level.

20000 Fans and counting. 

There are many Japanese companies making amazing products and that all anglers around the world enjoy. I can name great brands like Tackle House, Duel,  Megabass, IMA, Halycon System, Zipbaits, Seaspin,  and so on. All companies that produce lures with exceptional quality that produce lots of fishes.
As a angler and marketer I look at a company not only for their products but also the way they market them. DUO has been quite active the last two years. They had a very different and innovative approach to the promotion of the products on a global level.  They started with a overseas project that was planned by the marketing department to the smallest detail. The steps were quite simple but effective : setting up an english website, build a strong community via Facebook and keep in touch with all the anglers in a virtual world that is today the best meeting point for all the fishing lovers around the globe.

DUO on the web

Entering to facebook was a smart move and the result came pretty fast. Today they DUO page counts more than 20.000 fans and this is a great number for any lure maker out there. What impresses me is that the FB page is really active and you see new post every day. It is an environment very "two way" and interactive. One day you see a new prototype photo, two hours later a small bluefish caught in Australia with a small tetra works lure and after that a nice photo of a lure taken by one of the many crazy fans (including myself).

A Realis lure got the job done somewhere around the world.
On the other hand the website is great too. So many pages to read and analyze  Production photos, videos, product descriptions and lure diagrams.  Everything is neat and clear. I just wish they would put more videos about every lure they produces, but I think they are already working on that.

The Japanese page is even better. You cant read but with a google translate option you can enjoy the blog of the DUO testers whom put some great photos of their catches and fishing reports.

Mahi Mahi taken with a DUO lure. Great catch!

Be in touch with the designer

Masahiro Adachi

This is the most important and enjoyable aspect of DUO. If  you are a fan of DUO page you have likely met Adachi San in one of the many posts he puts on the wall. Being able to talk, send message to the chief mind behind these lures is something that is in my opinion just amazing and quite unique.
I find myself asking hooks sizes and clips choices directly to Adachi San and getting a reply is really rewarding. I think that the real value of social media is just this: being able to talk and share opinions with the guy who will be carving out the next lure you will be buying and catching fishes.

A new Pencil lure from DUO. 

So, it become really interesting when you open your pc and see a new prototype made by Adachi San. You realize that you are part of the process. You see the development, the first catches, the right and wrongs of the next lure; and maybe that lure is the one that you always dreamed about. Above you can see a new pencil that is being tested for some time on. I am an angler but also a blogger therefore anything new  is always a heart pumping and exciting moment for me.

The Prototype is getting better and better.

Fans all over the world

If you watch the "lure making" process on DUO's page you will realize how detailed and difficult is the process to produce a single lure. I will skip the part saying that it is high quality and great craftsmanship and focus on the whole "lure-angler-catch-share" process that any lure gets once it leave the warehouse in Japan.
The countless photos shared on DUO's page show many anglers using the lures around the world. They catch perch as well as giant sneakheads. Every place has its own fishes, but the lure remains the same, a DUO lure that was crafted by Adachi San in a small room in Shizouka Japan.

A Yellowtail in Japan.
Catfish in Singapore

Thanks DUO, for having closed the "gap" between the lure and angler. Thanks for sharing all the info about prototypes, catches around the world and, why not, for supporting a great community around the world.

I close the article by saying that it is not only a great product that makes a great brand but also need to have that "spirit" that keeps a strong bond between us and the lures. I brand loyalty that is augmented by the social media and great interaction you guys provide. 
Next time you see a DUO package hanging at a store you can think about Adachi San carving it, Jerremy testing it, the guy machining it, the lady painting it and the designer preparing the package for it. 
This is the DUO family. Arigato Gozaimatsu.

DUO Realis Jerkbait

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