December 23, 2012

YGK Jigman WX4 : First Look

After trying the YGK X-3 Soul I got pretty much hooked with the braids produced by this amazing Japanese Company.  I think YGK is a step ahead in term of braid quality and this something I also heard around anglers when I was in Tokyo.
Anyway, I had the chance to buy a nice spoolf of YGK JigMan WX4 for my new Biomaster SW reel. I was looking for a 2PE capable of dealing with medium heavy fishes and this was the best choice in terms of quality/cost ratio.
I took some photos to share in my blog. The line is a 30LB , 4 strand PE line that comes with 5 colors (10mm for color). The reason is (as the name says) that this braid is originally designed for vertical jigging but  there is no problem in using for casting setups.

The spool is the famous DOUGHNUT. It allows easy spooling. 

The strands are quite tightly woven and the line appears thin for a 30LB breaking strength. The line doesn't look very slick (as the Slick 8 by Power Pro) but it gives you more confidence and looks to be more resistant to fraying.
Anyway, only time and repeat casting will give better idea about the quality of this line.

30lb for PE2.

Here is what the YGK english page says about the line:

Same four-strand Super PE base line as conventional Jig Man with compacted braiding for high durability and strength stability. Highly sensitive, all-around economy jigging line also suitable for casting. Specialty sheath processing for reduced friction with guides and resistance during reel-out. High performance for beginners and pros alike. New five-color (10m interval) version. 

I have added a detailed photo of the braid:

5 colors for the WX4. 

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