October 2, 2012

What you want next from DUO?

Another contest by DUO is on!
As you know DUO is a brand that keeps contact with the anglers and likes asking questions about favorite lures, fishes, colors and so on. This time is going even further by asking one very interesting question that is also very appealing for anglers: What Lure would you like to see DUO produce?  Well knowing the quality and experience of DUO I might just tell them to create anything they want, even a 200gr GT topwater lure.

You can answer in any way you want, just use your imagination.  Just send an email to duocontest@gmail.com until 15th November 5PM (Hey it is my birthday by the way!) . Just make sure you are a fan of DUO at www.facebook.com/DUOJPN

Thanks to DUO for asking us, anglers, what we would like to see and buy. This is a real interaction between brand-angler.

Anyway, my request? I would like to see a nice 120mm popper for bluefish :)

Nice gifts are awaiting for three lucky anglers 


Mick's Gone Fishing said...

Hmm, too many options!! I already entered with a super slow sinking stickbait around 100-120mm.
Nice Blog mate!! I have been reading it for a while now, awesome pics and always something interesting to read about!
Have a look at my blog if your keen it's www.micksgonefishing.com

RC fishing said...

Hello Mick! Thanks a lot. I already seen your blog before, very nice indeed. I would like to add you as partner blog. Is that OK for you?
Very lucky for all the fishes you catch!! :)