October 28, 2012

Small Horse Mackerel For Me

I spent a nice evening trying my ultralight setup and some new lure. The main idea was to see the movement and action of some new spoons, vibration lure and jigs. I wasn't expecting anyting but at the end I got a medium size Horse mackerel on the biggest lure I tried : A Yozuri Pins Minnow 7cm.
Anyway I also got an hit on a small Smith Sirasu II Jig and took some photos for my blog.

Medium Sized Aji!

I tried this new Ripple Ash 5.5 cm minnow. The snap is a Waterland Size 0.

This cure Maria Flying Diver has a great movement. Too bad I didn't catch

Some lures I have tried: Trout Spoon 2g / Rapala Ultra Light Minnow

The Xesta 7g jig is very good. I landed 2 garfishes with it. The 6cm Rapala
X-rap has a great action but it suffers on the casting performance.


Irene_J said...

Awesome pictures. I love the color. By the way, your blog is nice. I keep on coming back for more posts. Thanks for sharing.

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Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

Some really cool lures there!

Have a good day.