October 26, 2012

Longer is Better?

In the beginning there was the 140mm long jerk minnow, then we saw the 150mm, the 175mm until DUO introduced the 200mm Tide Minnow Slim. It looked like we reached the limit in length but we weren't there yet. DUEL surprises us with the introduction of the 210mm Hardcore Minnow. This is thing is really long and heavy. I am sure the lon jerk lovers will be very happy to cast this lure soon. I am sharing the info and the pictures. What else can I say? Coming soon to a store near you!

This is long. Great garfish imitation if you ask me.

As always, the hardcore colors are great!

There is also a smaller 170mm version.
The 210mm sinking is a hefty 38g.

Some nice details.

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