September 18, 2012

News from Owner Hooks

Be ready with your google translate and follow these links for some news and interesting pages offered by Owner Hooks Japan.

New Treble Hooks: STX-58

This is an interesting new treble hook introduced by Owner. It is, according to the site, a treble with a wire as thick as the ST-56 series but with a %10 better strength. The design and the strength of the hook is designed specifically for the use of PE lines. The slightly inward curved gape is supposed to improve hooking and avoid any break using PE lines. Anyway, this is an interesting product that we will see soon in stores (I hope).
The link is here for more details: STX-58

Owner Movie Center

If you enjoy fishing videos just check here: Owner TV

Lots of interesting videos. 

Treble Hooks Fish Record Chart

I put this one here because it is very interesting. Owner has a special section that keeps the record of fishes taken with all the treble Stinger series produced. It is very fun to check, for instance, the ST-36BC hook and see that they managed to catch a 25cm GT with a size 12. Another fun record: 48kg GT (caught in Tokara) with a STBL-66. 

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