August 29, 2012

Review: YGK G-soul X3

Here is an interesting PE line. YGK is a very famous and respected Japanese brand of PE line. I actually consider them to be at the top together with Varivas.

 I was eager to try the brand but given the high prices of the latest 4 and 8 strand models I have always took a step back and didn't have the courage to spend all that cash on a PE line.
I was, however, lucky enough to find about the lowest and cheapest model of the YGK brand: the G-Soul X3.

On paper it is supposed to be something not worth buying: only "3" strands Dyneema braid sold at a very cheap price (1200-1500YEN). I started doing some researches and read positive opinions about it, enough to convince to give it a try.

During that period I had just purchased the Shimano ELF reel 2000s for some LRF action and I was looking for a 0.4 PE to fill the spool. After a couple of google searches I found the PE online and ordered it.

How it is? Well, the first impression I got was very good. Before even pooling it I have touched and analyzed the braid closely and the smoothness surprised me a lot. I almost couldn't tell the difference between this 3 strand and a regular 8 strand like the Shimano PP 8 Slick. I was, in other words, very baffled by the first impression it gave to me. I read about the special YGK coating that give superb finish and smoothness.
The braid was a 0.4PE which is very thin but somehow the smoothness gives an extra feel of "thinness" and strength. I think YGK did a great job with tightening the strands.

Finally last week I have  used it and I can give my first "on the field" impressions about it.

Castability: The braid casts great. Period. It is thin and it never created me any problem during my casts. I was able to shoot lures at great distances. No bird nests so far.

Line Retrieving: Here is the only spot where this line loses some points. The PE just twists a lot. It is supposed to be round (and feels like it) but during the retrieve I couldn't help but notice that the line got twisted. As for the reel, the Elf managed the line without problem. See photo

Line is smooth and well laid on the spool. I think the merit goes to both the
line and the reel.

Noise: It is smooth but I think not as smooth like a 8 strand (obvious I guess). I could hear some guide noise during the retrieve. Nothing major or annoying for me.

Feel: The line felt good after every cast. No worry for bird nests.

Durability: Very early to tell. The color is still vivid and I don't see any fray or damage after at least 50 - 60 casts. I need some more time for this.

Overall: Definitely a great buy. Accessing the quality of YGK with only 15-20 dollars for a 100 mt spool. It is a 3 strand and in a period were 8 strand rules the market seems like a bad choice but you will be impressed.  Quality/price ratio is unbeatable.  I would go with this braid in other PE diameters too.
The line twist is the only downside of this product but it didn't bother me much.
Last bonus is the spool. A patented design that allows an easy spool filling. Ingenious stuff.

Give it a try!

Looks and feels good on the spool. No problem handling this thin braid with
the Shimano Elf.

Source: YGK
Where to buy: Japan Tackle  , Samurai Tackle

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