August 15, 2012

Preparing for the Trip Part I

Finally this weekend I will take a 3 day fishing trip in the Aegean Sea. I haven't cast a lure in a while so I am super excited about this trip coming in a few days. This evening I took out my lure boxes and start to pick those that I consider essential for this trip. I will be aiming at seabass, Leerfish and probably some barracuda. I expect to use topwater and shallow runner lures plus some LRF lures for gars and horse mackerel. This is one of the boxes I will take with me. You can notice mostly DUO lures : Tide Minnow, Bullet DC-9, Realis 120, Spearhead Ryuki and Larus Project.
I want to test them and review them here on my blog after the trip. I will be bringing more lures with me. The other box will include Seaspin, DUO and Tackle House lures mostly.
Wait for more info and photos soon...

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