August 30, 2012

New rods from Majorcraft (with video)

The Japanese company is not stopping in introducing new rods. They design new rods at an incredible pace.
Anyway there are two new series coming soon : SkyRoad and X-Ride.

The text was translated by Google. It might not make much sense.


They are both offered as Seabass, Boat Seabass, Eging and Wind (saber fish) models. The different models are there in details on the website. At first glance the specs are similar to the Crostage Series. As for the design the first photos are promising.
The prices are not that bad. The SkyRoad is a notch above the Crostage series (15000YEN) while the X-Ride is more expensive  (25000YEN)

The X-Ride mounts the new Fuji KR guides and K guides in Titanium. Top Class.

Check the website and stay tuned for more.

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