August 21, 2012

Back from the Trip!

Well, I am back. I feel a little depressed right now. As usual, hours spent on the water with no significant catches. I had blog follower emailing me wishing luck for my trip but I am going to disappoint them.
Sorry for not being able to tell you a nice fishing catch story "again". However I had the chance to play with some new tackle and lures.  These 3 days have allowed me to test my new equipment and I will spend the rest of the week updating the blog with some reviews.
What did I test?  Here is a short preview:

Custom St. Croix Rod
Nissin Atlas LG LRF rod
0.4 PE  YGK X3 Soul Line
Elf 2000S reel
LSD Designs Tackle Hip Bag

Seaspin Mommotti 180
Tide Minnow 90F
Bay Rauf Manic 115
Tetra Works Bivi
Tetra Works Toto 42
Storm Flutter Stick 5cm
Seaspin Pro-Q 120
Smith Super ULM
Skagit Design Jet Bait

In the meantime some cool photos:

A great DUO of lures!

View from the port.

My fishing ground. Poor of catches.

Seaspin Mommotti takes the spot at sunset

Great combo: Mommotti 180 + new custom rod + LSD hip bag

The Toto 42 has shown some great potential.

By the way, do you like the new layout? I had to change a little bit because the right column was getting too crowded. Please let me know your feedback. Thanks.


Andy said...

Hey RC.

Love the new layout, so I don't think you should have any more worries about the right hand column getting any fatter ;)

Great article as always mate. Well done!

RC fishing said...

Thanks Andy!!
I didn't catch anything worth posting but at least I had the chance to test some stuff and enjoy a blue gin clear water. Wait for some reviews soon :)

Anonymous said...

NEw layout is much better than before... Nice and neat. Good work mate!