July 5, 2012

Yamaga Blanks Early 78MLRF

This a rod I bought quite a bit ago. I didn't have the chance to wet the line with this amazing rod. Actually the quality and beauty of the blank is holding me from using it on some rocky shores. At the end it is a rod I got for fishing so it will definitely touch the salty water soon. Anyway, I plan to write my first impressions in a short time.
What rod is this? It a Japan made Yamaga Blanks Early 78MLRF seabass rod. See here for details.
By the way I got the rod here in case you want one for yourself.

More details: Yamaga Blanks
Where to buy: C9 Tackle


Rambling Expat said...

Hi there,

This look like a very nice rod...
Lucky you!

Have a good day.

RC fishing said...

Thank you! You have a nice blog. I will follow it! :) regards