June 24, 2012

A short trip to the shore

I have spent the morning in a local beach 70km from my home. The condition of the sea weren't that good and the fishing was a disappointment.
A weak breeze from Southeast wasn't enough to produce choppy water and the suspending weeds were a pain...
Anyway, as usual, I spent two hours casting with no result. At least I have enjoyed trying my IMA Komomo 120, Lucky Craft Flat Side 110 and the Seaspin Pro-Q.
I took some photos to share on my blog. A calm morning on the seaside is still relaxing and enjoyable. I hope to have more luck next week!

This is an old first gen IMA komomo. I got it used
when I was in Tokyo. Time to try it.

The location: shallow waters. The seabass likes to cruise the submerged
structure around the rocks.

This is me casting a lure.

Custom 7 ft rod + Shimano Elf 2500 + PP Slick 10lb
+ Ima Komomo 120 First Gen.

The Pro Q has a great WTD action.  I hoped for a seabass surface hit.
Next Time

Very pleased by the casting performance of the LCraft Flat Side 110

Flat 110

Ready to be casted

Close up on the Seaspin Pro-Q

Shallow waters but calm.

Detail of the Flat 110

Another shot of the Flat 110

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