June 16, 2012

Lure Closeup: DUEL Adagio 125

I love the action of lipless lures. One of my favorites has always been the Maria Blues Code but other lures like the DUEL Adagio has caught my attention. This one from DUEL is a real gem.
It casts like a bullet (70m according to Duel) and has an incredible "flashy" action. The finish is superb and the "three sided"  body emits tons of flash during retrieve.
It comes in four different sizes: 65mm/85mm/105mm/125mm.  I use the 65mm mostly for seabass in calm waters and the 125 for possible encounters with big sized bluefish.
More details here

Adagio 125

Detail of the eye.

The wire through structure is a big bonus when chasing huge fishes.

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