June 30, 2012

Seaspin Coixedda 100

This is a shallow running lure that I enjoyed a lot. I tried only once and didn't catch anything yet but it casts a mile and the movement is very good. Many friends in Turkey and Italy have fooled seabass and bluefish on this one.
Today I took my camera for a brief photo session. This is the result.
You can check the lure on Seaspin's official page.

June 29, 2012

Rod Project: Waiting for the Fuji K Guides

Today I have ordered my Fuji K Guides from the famous Rod Building store Mudhole.
I ordered the Fuji KTAG and KLAG models. Alconite guides with stainless steel frame.
I think alconite guides are good enough for my fishing conditions.
I should get the guides in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned.

June 27, 2012

Super Strike Video: Casting and Jigging Game

Enjoy this video by Super Strike!!!
Casting and Jigging Action.

Click here

June 26, 2012

New Majorcraft Crostage Offshore Rod

Japanese rod maker Majorcraft has just introduced a new offshore rod. Good news is that this rod is part of the "entry-level" Crostage series which is an excellent quality rod at an affordable price. The new rod is specific for offshore applications but I can think that you can use them from the shore too. There are three models in the lineup. It goes from a 7.1 foot to a 8.3foot Heavy "tuna" rod.
Price is between 140.000 and 180.000 Yen.

The models:
710 MH : This is a 7.1 foot  25-80g. rod. Ideal for small sized amberjack and Dorados.
80H: 8 foot and  100g. max casting. This is already an heavy duty rod. Good for amberjack and tunas
83HH: 8.3 ft. for 120g max casting. This is a pure "tuna rod".

The rods come with Fuji K Guides.

I think this is a good entry level rod. Worth keeping an eye on them.

More info here

Source: Majorcraft

June 25, 2012

Minor Rod Make Up Project

I enjoy rod building as much as photography. I didn't have much time to build any rod lately but now I have started a small make up project for one of my rods. The idea is to change the foregrip, add some cosmetics and switch the lame aluminum oxide guides with some nice brand new Fuji Alconite K guides.
Yesterday I have finished the removal of the guides. Right now I am waiting for the new guides to arrive.
I will post more once I start wrapping the new guides.

June 24, 2012

A short trip to the shore

I have spent the morning in a local beach 70km from my home. The condition of the sea weren't that good and the fishing was a disappointment.
A weak breeze from Southeast wasn't enough to produce choppy water and the suspending weeds were a pain...
Anyway, as usual, I spent two hours casting with no result. At least I have enjoyed trying my IMA Komomo 120, Lucky Craft Flat Side 110 and the Seaspin Pro-Q.
I took some photos to share on my blog. A calm morning on the seaside is still relaxing and enjoyable. I hope to have more luck next week!

This is an old first gen IMA komomo. I got it used
when I was in Tokyo. Time to try it.

The location: shallow waters. The seabass likes to cruise the submerged
structure around the rocks.

This is me casting a lure.

Custom 7 ft rod + Shimano Elf 2500 + PP Slick 10lb
+ Ima Komomo 120 First Gen.

The Pro Q has a great WTD action.  I hoped for a seabass surface hit.
Next Time

Very pleased by the casting performance of the LCraft Flat Side 110

Flat 110

Ready to be casted

Close up on the Seaspin Pro-Q

Shallow waters but calm.

Detail of the Flat 110

Another shot of the Flat 110

June 21, 2012

Angler's Republic Photo Gallery

While browsing the english website of the famous Japanese brand I found a very nice photo gallery. The quality of the photos is on par with those we see on fly fishing magazines. A real gem.
Have a look if you enjoy photography.

Source: Angler's Republic

June 20, 2012

June 17, 2012

Daiko Fishing Tackle Gallery

This is something really cool. I think I have never seen anything like this before and I think it is worth sharing on my blog. It is the Daiko Rod Gallery located in Osaka Japan. The famous Japanese Rod maker has spent time and resources to create a gallery that resembles the real "art galleries" we are used to know. You can see 350 rods all places carefully on special racks.
After all their rods are really some piece of art. As usual the Japanese amazes us with these kind of places where everything is bases on essential and cool artwork.
There isn't much to see on the website, just a few photos and opening hours. Just have a look and wish one day we will see something similar in our countries.

June 16, 2012

Lure Closeup: DUEL Adagio 125

I love the action of lipless lures. One of my favorites has always been the Maria Blues Code but other lures like the DUEL Adagio has caught my attention. This one from DUEL is a real gem.
It casts like a bullet (70m according to Duel) and has an incredible "flashy" action. The finish is superb and the "three sided"  body emits tons of flash during retrieve.
It comes in four different sizes: 65mm/85mm/105mm/125mm.  I use the 65mm mostly for seabass in calm waters and the 125 for possible encounters with big sized bluefish.
More details here

Adagio 125

Detail of the eye.

The wire through structure is a big bonus when chasing huge fishes.

June 14, 2012

DUO Field Reports

I love the net. I enjoy the fact that I can browse fishing website and read lots of reports. When I cannot go fishing I read the reports as a way to escape my ordinary office life and imagine those beautiful fishes that I see in photos.

There is a very interesting fishing report section at DUO official website. It is in Japanese but thanks to google translate you can pretty much understand roughly 70% of what is written. These are short reports but the quality of the pictures is great. You can enjoy photos of great fishes, lures and astonishing fishing grounds. I enjoy checking them from time to time. You can also find some info on the tackle used for the specific fishing trip.
They are written by great anglers sponsored by DUO. Have a look and enjoy. Don't forget google translate :)

DUO Field Reports

June 13, 2012

UrbanCastMan Strikes!

My friend the UrbanCastMan has just returned from an amazing fishing trip in Corsica Island and posted a great report on his blog. Too bad the report is written in Italian. Most of you might not be able to read it but the pictures alone are worth checking the article. Some nice fishes and amazing locations.

Briefly I can say that he got many fishes including a big Dentex Dentex on a DUO Press Bait Saira lure. You can check the rest here.
By the way, congratulation!! great stuff!

Nice huh!?

June 11, 2012

Short Report

I spent Sunday morning fishing a spot close to home. The purpose was actually trying the new tackle I got. I already knew that the water would be slow and that getting an hit almost impossible.
I was eager to wet the line on a couple of lures and try my new Shimano Elf reel spooled with some Power Pro  Slick 8 braid.

The lure:

I have tried a couple of new lures but I was eager to try the Seaspin Pro-Q 90. This is a very fine WTD lure indeed. It casts very well and it is really easy to give action. Retrieve it slow or fast and the lure comes to life. With a slow retrieve you get a wide WTD action, with a fast retrieve it starts going up and down with some tight movements. It reminds me of the action of the zara spook but you get a far better casting and a more erratic movement on the fast retrieve.

The Line:

I was very curious about the new Power Pro Slick 8 braid. I spooled a 10lb in aqua green color. The line casts very good and smooth. The retrieve was effortless and very easy on the guides. I liked it a lot but the line is too new for a complete evaluation. Right now I can feel the silky surface but only time will tell if it will stay this way for long or start fraying after a couple of fishing trips. For the moment is looks like a bigger improvement over the previous 4 strand lines by Power Pro.

2500 Shimano Elf

The Reel:

The 2500 Elf does not only look good on photos. It is indeed a nice piece of equipment priced at the right range. The casting was effortless and the retrieve silky smooth. It needs some time to see how it holds on heavy and constant use. Definitely a good choice. I didn't see any problems in the winding of the braid. The whole casting-retrieving was done without problems.

The reel spooled with 10lb Power Pro 

My tackle box: Seaspin Pro-Q, Coixedda 100, Maria Miss Carna
River2Sea Valor Minnow , Rapala MaxRap and  K-Ten Blue Ocean HG

Shimano Elf (Online Store)

June 8, 2012

"How it is made" by DUO

This is a great video. I always wished lure companies share some footage of their tooling and all production steps involved in creating those little plastics we all love. I have already seen many rod makers video so this one on lure making was astounishing. The best part is that this is only the first video of more to come. 
Hats off to DUO for this initiative. It is really a great pleasure to watch all the process involved. A great thanks to Martin for sharing it with all the fans in the world. Really looking forward for the next videos.
The more we see videos like this and the more we understand and admire the lures we use during our fishing trip. In a instant, after watching this video, my DUO lures in the tackle box have become more valuable to me.  
Make sure to bookmark the youtube page of DUO (Here)
Great A+

June 4, 2012

Tony Pena Knot

This is a great knot for PE to Leader connections. It is not difficult to make and this video explains it well.