May 26, 2012

Used Lures? Why not.

I always enjoy a brand new lure in a neat packaging. I take them out, usually take a picture and admire the details on it. Later, when the time some, I put it in my tackle box and head to the sea. A couple of casts and the lure shows the first marks of the trebles or gets some chips on the paint. That is normal, no lure will remain mint as new once you start casting it.
I wasn't very interested in used lures until I went to Tackle Berry in Japan. I found some incredibly good deals on lures that otherwise would cost about 20-25 dollars to get brand new. Only a couple of scratches on the paint would mean 40-50% discount on the retail prices. I think that is a great thing. If a saving of 10 dollars per lures is involved I can happily get used lure for fishing. After all those lure would get some scratches anyways.  If you dig even deeper in these store as Tackle Berry you can even find some lures with %70 discount when sold without hooks or with major scratches (those that you would get after one year of use). I wouldn't really mind and this is why I got an IMA Komomo for less than 800YEN or a Smith Saruna for 500YEN. Put a couple of owners trebles and you are good to go.

If you leave outside Japan you can't unfortunately get any items sold by the famous chain Tackle Berry. It is such a pity because I would prorably get many lures.
There is however a great alternative for guys like us who leave beyond the Japanese border. 
Cloud Nine Tackle is offering many used lures for sale. You can find many lures at amazing prices and the best part is that the owner, Jed, chooses those lures that are used but yet in great condition. It is basically like getting a mint lure without a box at 40-50% discount.

This is a used lure. Hard to tell really.

Make sure you check the used lures section. It is really fun and you can find the lure you were looking for.

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