May 23, 2012

Tackle House Bezel

This is a lure that was just released by Tackle House a month ago. There isn't much detail on their website but I think this lure will be a great choice for many anglers who like to cast offshore for little tunny or even tuna. The weight, size and , most important, the hooks show that this lure is ready to take some hard bite in blue waters.
What surprises most is the use of some oversized hooks (size 2 St-66 trebles), split ring (size 6) and thick wire.  The construction looks very solid and you wouldn't be worried of casting it some bad waters.

I took some photos in order to show the details of the lure. After all the photos on the Tackle House website (see here) don't do justice to this amazing looking lure.

Bezel 100mm 36g sinking minnow. Color N.7

The bib looks incredibly solid and it is really thick.
Difficult to break that thing.
Notice the hook. It is really big. It is a size 2 ST66 hook.

The belly is flat. Not sure why, need some testing to figure it out.
On the website it says "efficient water flow on belly".

Notice the split rink attachment point. It is definitely heavy duty.
Detail of the back. Japanese quality all over the place.
Detail of the box. I love the design of the boxes. Notice the drawing
of the Bezel in the inside.
Contact and Love <3  

These were some close-ups pictures. I think it is a good way to start as a first look at the lure. I don't know if there will be some chance in the near future to try is since it requires to be tested in open waters or for some real pelagic. Maybe it would work on a rocky shore searching for bonitos. I think my friend TheUrbanCastMan (check here) would utilize this lure for his fishing grounds.

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