May 31, 2012

Lure Gallery

I like taking pictures. My followers would have certainly noted that. I have been a little creative lately and took some pictures. I am sharing most of them. Enjoy

My bench.

Duel Hardcore Minnow

DUO Bay Ruf Manic 115

Manic in the box

Seaspin Mommotti 180

Seaspin Family

Skagit Designs

Skagit Designs

Skagit Designs Match Bait Jet

Duo Tide Minnow Slim

Duo Tide Minnow 90

Smith ULM 115

DUO Tetraworks Yurameki 

Zip Baits


Neil said...

I love the black textured background on your pics, what is it? Superb looking photo's nice one!

RC fishing said...

Thank you Neil!!! Believe or not it is just the back of a mouse pad I have :) I realized it had a very nice texture and start using it :)