April 1, 2012

New lures from Daiwa

It is April and Daiwa will be introducing some new lures this month. According to their official website, these are some of the cool products to hit the market (Japanese) very soon.


This is a lure dedicated to the flounder. A compact yet heavy lure (for its size) that allows great casting distance from the surf. He can reach up to 70m thanks to the moving tungsten and spherical weights inside.
It is a surf specialist which means great resistance to rips and heavy surf. Dive range 50-150cm.

Details here


A great looking 148mm long jerk minnow with a tight roll action dedicated to the seabass. Comes again with a moving tungsten weight system that ensures long casts. The morethan series always mean quality.
Check the link below for a nice action video.

Details here

Length: 148mm
Weight: 22.8g
Action Range: 50-150cm
Hooks: ST46 #4

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