April 15, 2012

AP Lures

I like the idea of building tackle equipment and lures bu yourself. I enjoy building some rods from time to time and it is not unusual for me to adventure on the vise for the creation of some fancy looking saltwater flies.
What I never did but surely wanted to try is custom lure building. I think that besides building a bamboo rod, it the maximum expression of craftsmanship in fishing tackle. There are many real good builders around the world and I enjoy checking their products, or I shall say "creations" over the internet. I even had the pleasure to try some of them.
Last week I have discovered another very skilled builder from Italy. His name is Andrea Pedaci and he lives in Southern Italy. His love for the sea and fishing has lead him to become a fine lure builder. He makes the lures under the name of AP Lures and I can frankly tell that the level of quality and originality is pretty high. I think it goes beyond a simple handmade lures and falls in the "art of fishing" category. You know what I mean.
He makes pencils, minnows, jointed lures and even key chains. He transforms the bare wood in something that we all drool while looking on the screen and that we would cast on the water not very comfortably knowing that even a small mark of a furious fish would "scar" the perfect polished surface.
Anyway, I am glad to have found his page and couldn't miss the chance to share it on my blog. Please check the blog and the photos. Even if you can't get them you can still enjoy staring at them as you would do for a painting in a museum.

See here for more.

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