April 22, 2012

Aegean Sea Expedition

Finally, after hundreds of post, photos and tackle reviews, I am ready for my first fishing expedition of the season. This Friday I will be heading South to the Aegean Sea for a 48 hours fishing week-end. I am lucky to have a friend down there who is willing to take me fishing to some interesting places. According to him we will be chasing some nice barracudas, seabass and, maybe, a shot to leerfish as well. I have to decide on what tackle and lures to bring with me.

I went through my tackle boxes and pulled out some of the lures that I want to try. Right now I am definitely bringing with me these lures : DUO Tide Minnow, Seaspin Mommotti 140, Seaspin Coixedda, Maria Blue Code, Smith Super ULM, Rapala Maxrap 15, Seaspin Pro-Q, Wando Mariyuki 90 and Lucky Craft Flat Side. I need to add some poppers too. I might opt for some Maria Pop Queen and even a Shimano Ocea Pencil for the occasional leerfish. Now it is time to spool some new braid and prepare the rods. I will keep you posted.

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vehbi said...

Rehacan !
Did not you take your camera, surely you have very nice shots.. will keep on my eye on this..
br :)