April 30, 2012

Seaspin Brothers

Finally last weekend I had the chance to try the lures in the environment they belong: the blue sea.
I have a nice report coming very soon. Probably as soon as tomorrow. I will write my initial impressions on a couple of Seaspin lures.  Keep checking my blog for updates.
In the meantime....

Mommotti 140 and Pro-Q 120

Coixedda 100. Very impressive lure indeed.

April 24, 2012

More News From Seaspin

My Italian friends at Seaspin are working hard on a couple of new lures. Thanks to my friend Rusty's blog I had the chance to have a first glance to some amazing looking lures.
One of them is a very original popper prototype that has two major ports on the sides, probably for a very high "popping" and water displacement effect. It is rumored to be 140mm for 46g. We are talking about some medium heavy popper for first class Mediterranean predators such as leerfish and bluefish.

Interesting shape for this popper. The dual lateral ports
are expected to move lots of water on the surface.

The other surprise is the smaller sized  Mommotti 115. After the great success of the 140 and 180, the mommotti gets a small brother for situations where the fishes prefer smaller preys. I am sure it will be a success.

The famous Mommotti gets a resized version. 

The other prototype is a ultralight Buginu 55 (55mm for 4.5g).  Probably a great news for all the ultra-light enthusiasts out there.

The 2013 looks like a very promising year for the Italian Company. I'll keep an eye on the developments and share them on my blog. Tight lines!

Source: Captain Rusty Hook

April 22, 2012

Aegean Sea Expedition

Finally, after hundreds of post, photos and tackle reviews, I am ready for my first fishing expedition of the season. This Friday I will be heading South to the Aegean Sea for a 48 hours fishing week-end. I am lucky to have a friend down there who is willing to take me fishing to some interesting places. According to him we will be chasing some nice barracudas, seabass and, maybe, a shot to leerfish as well. I have to decide on what tackle and lures to bring with me.

I went through my tackle boxes and pulled out some of the lures that I want to try. Right now I am definitely bringing with me these lures : DUO Tide Minnow, Seaspin Mommotti 140, Seaspin Coixedda, Maria Blue Code, Smith Super ULM, Rapala Maxrap 15, Seaspin Pro-Q, Wando Mariyuki 90 and Lucky Craft Flat Side. I need to add some poppers too. I might opt for some Maria Pop Queen and even a Shimano Ocea Pencil for the occasional leerfish. Now it is time to spool some new braid and prepare the rods. I will keep you posted.

April 19, 2012

April 17, 2012

Some cool Japanese Seabass videos

The first one is a nice underwater shot of japanese seabasses under a jetty.

A cool Seabass Fishing DVD trailer:

Some very cool topwater action!

April 15, 2012

Catch Magazine Issue 22 is live!

Enjoy it. Read it here

AP Lures

I like the idea of building tackle equipment and lures bu yourself. I enjoy building some rods from time to time and it is not unusual for me to adventure on the vise for the creation of some fancy looking saltwater flies.
What I never did but surely wanted to try is custom lure building. I think that besides building a bamboo rod, it the maximum expression of craftsmanship in fishing tackle. There are many real good builders around the world and I enjoy checking their products, or I shall say "creations" over the internet. I even had the pleasure to try some of them.
Last week I have discovered another very skilled builder from Italy. His name is Andrea Pedaci and he lives in Southern Italy. His love for the sea and fishing has lead him to become a fine lure builder. He makes the lures under the name of AP Lures and I can frankly tell that the level of quality and originality is pretty high. I think it goes beyond a simple handmade lures and falls in the "art of fishing" category. You know what I mean.
He makes pencils, minnows, jointed lures and even key chains. He transforms the bare wood in something that we all drool while looking on the screen and that we would cast on the water not very comfortably knowing that even a small mark of a furious fish would "scar" the perfect polished surface.
Anyway, I am glad to have found his page and couldn't miss the chance to share it on my blog. Please check the blog and the photos. Even if you can't get them you can still enjoy staring at them as you would do for a painting in a museum.

See here for more.

April 12, 2012

Saira Strikes Again

My friend  UrbanCastMan dropped me another picture in my inbox. The Duo Press Bait Saira did the job again on the bonito. Lucky him!!

April 11, 2012

DUO joins Twitter

After conquering Facebook, DUO has decided to join another important social network: Twitter.
From now on we can follow DUO on twitter, and I am sure we will receive many twits about amazing lures and exciting news!!  You can join the page here.

April 9, 2012

Lure Photo 20: Tailwalk Gunz 160 Sinking

I had the chance to borrow this great looking lure from a friend of mine. It looks beautiful so I just wanted to take a photo of it and add it to my archive. This one comes in the limited navy flying fish color. Nice colors and intriguing eyes.

More details here

You can buy it here and here 

April 8, 2012

Geecrack 2012 Web Catalog

The Japanese company, famous for its fishing bags, has just released the web version of their catalog. It is always a pleasure seeing company introducing the catalog in a format accessible from home.

Click here

Source: GeeCrack 

April 5, 2012

DUO Contest : You, your catch, and DUO

Another contest from DUO is on!

This one is pretty straightforward: You just have to be a fan of DUO Facebook and send photos of your catches taken with DUO lures to duocontest@gmail.com until 28th April 5PM.

I have seen many photos of nice fishes taken on these great lures. I am sure the inbox of DUO email will be full of amazing catches.

This is a type of photo that I expect to be dropped in the gmail inbox of DUO.

My friend TheUrbancastman with a bonito on a Saira.

Anyway, good luck to everybody!! Three lucky winners will get this nice package:

April 4, 2012

Lure Photo 19: Seaspin Pro-q 90

Smaller version of the famous Seaspin Pro-Q 120. Just introduced to the European market. A great WTD that has been receiving great praise from Anglers in the Mediterrean Sea. Can be retrieved slow (zig-zag movement) or regular with nice tight up-down movements. 

Length: 90 mm 
Weight: 11 g.
Hooks: Seaspin Tres T3X size 6

April 1, 2012

New lures from Daiwa

It is April and Daiwa will be introducing some new lures this month. According to their official website, these are some of the cool products to hit the market (Japanese) very soon.


This is a lure dedicated to the flounder. A compact yet heavy lure (for its size) that allows great casting distance from the surf. He can reach up to 70m thanks to the moving tungsten and spherical weights inside.
It is a surf specialist which means great resistance to rips and heavy surf. Dive range 50-150cm.

Details here


A great looking 148mm long jerk minnow with a tight roll action dedicated to the seabass. Comes again with a moving tungsten weight system that ensures long casts. The morethan series always mean quality.
Check the link below for a nice action video.

Details here

Length: 148mm
Weight: 22.8g
Action Range: 50-150cm
Hooks: ST46 #4