March 24, 2012

Seaguar Kanzen Braid

I was looking around (as usual) and found this braid from a very reputable company such as Seaguar. Seaguar is know for its high quality fluorocarbon lines, and now they came up with this braid named Kanzen
According to the interview below, it is a three and four strand braid. From 6lb to 20lb it is a 3 strand and from 20lb + is a four strand. Nowadays we have 8 strand braids so I am not sure how it would be the 3 strand version braid compare in today's market but I have already found a great three strand braid in the YGK X-3 G-Soul braid so I am tempted to try it. It is not very expensive and the name behind this product should not disappoint either.
I'll research is more and see what is the response from the angling world.

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Andy said...

Hey RC.
I have that Kanzen braid on my LRF rod and can say that so long as the wind is not blowing, then it is a dream to use! When my HRF spool needs refilling, it's Kanzen that I will be buying to fill it with.
Seaguar's Abrazx fluorocarbon is amazing stuff too. I bought a spool of their 10lb fluoro to fill my little Abu Revo Inshore. More than enough for my summer baitcasting. So far, it has cast well, retrieved well and has not shown any bad memory problems that a lot of other fluoro mainlines I have tried have also suffered with.