March 4, 2012

News from Japan: DUO and Major Craft

This morning I spent my time reading the newspaper and browsing my favorite fishing sites.
I found two news worth sharing on my blog.
First of all, DUO is working on a very ambitious project right now. They are about to introduce the Realis Jerkbait 120 to the worldwide market. I say ambitious because this lure will be available in different setting to meet the expectations and demands of angler worldwide. There will be floating, sinking models, bigger stronger hooks, tungsten weights and so on. Basically they are making a lure that will work in all the waters around the world.Hats off to DUO for such a great design and idea. Meanwhile check this link and the photo below. Looks promising.

Great design, colors and craftsmanship: DUO

The other news comes from Major Craft's official blog.
The busy staff of MC is testing a new rod for scabbard fish angling. It is still in development phase but the blog has posted a photo of a all black rod with identification label on it. It is impressive the number of rod models they keep designing. Worth keeping an eye on them.

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