March 8, 2012

New toys from JDM Tackle

JDM Tackle is another store that I like to shop from time to time. The owners are great people and very helpful during the shopping process. Anyway, I am arming myself for the spring season so I got myself some nice lures and hooks. Some of you might say that I buy lots of lures and don't fish much. Well it is correct to say that during the winter season I don't have much chance to fish in my area. During the winter I find myself in a sea too cold even for the seabass. I have to move south for about 300km but right now I don't have the time due to work. Anyway we are in March and the month of May is almost here. I plan to go somewhere where I can use some of the heavy stuff I just got. Aiming to get some nice action soon.

These are some of the items I just received. Awesome lures.

Tackle House Flitz 75

New Decoy YS-81 trebles

Shimano Ocea Pencil 115

Decoy Sergeant Single Hooks

Smith LTD Super Surger

Smith LTD Super ULM 115

1 comment:

Capt Rusty Hook said...

the best hoook in the world ;)

Rehacan try the little version of surgeon!

saluti ;)