March 14, 2012

Interview to Mr. Adachi

Usually behind successful brands there is a lot of teamwork but also a spark of genius. Creativity and ingenious ideas are needed especially when we talk about designing fishing lures.
DUO is one of the lure companies that keeps introducing amazing products in the market. Its lures are a success and  products like the tide minnow series have become a major success throughout the World.
Behind this brand there is, indeed a figure who designs all the DUO lures in the past 17 years.
Mr. Masahiro Adachi.

He transforms his ideas in beautifully crafted lures that we can enjoy so much during our fishing trips.

Our friend Rusty had the very luck to interview Mr. Adachi in Japan. He asked him questions on lure development, design, marketing, testing and evaluation and his view of the lure fishing market.
It is a very fine and enjoyable read.

You can find the interview (both in English and Italian) here.  

Source: Capitan Rusty Hook

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