January 16, 2012

Run Mullet Run!!!


Andy said...

excellent! I would love to witness something like this happening.

RC fishing said...

Yes Andy, really amazing. It is a great sight! Wonder what was chasing them. It was shoot in Florida so I think it might have been a school of Jack Crevalle.

vehbi said...

I am a fugitive !!!:)
Awesome ! mainly it s enough for me to see this kind of chasing or attacing scenes while I am in my nature..

Chemfusion said...

before I say anything else I must say that you run a great blog here. Keep up the good work.

As for video, wow, amazing, I've never seen anything like this and in such scale. I've seen picarels fleeing and jumping out of the water, but it just can't compare wit that what is happening on the video.