January 15, 2012

Rockfishing Spain

Rockfishing is fun. I think that you don't need to catch a big fish in order to have fun. It is all about the fishing itself that brings joy and emotions. I do like ultralight fishing as much as I like seabass fishing. Different tackle and preys but the rod bends the same way and the reel drag can scream too.

I try to follow everything related to ultralight fishing online. My last discovery is a facebook group named Rockfishing Spain. It is mostly in Spanish but I enjoy following this group because everyday I see new posts about tackle and some cool pictures. My friend Sam is an active user of this page and I enjoy checking its latest photos and pictures of the lures he uses. He gives me some inspiration for my fishing.
If you enjoy rockfishing I recommend to give it a look.
These are some of the photos posted on the page:

Nice seabass can be caught on ultralight gear too.

Small lures and leerfish. Sometimes it happens!

Breams are great fishes to catch with small minnows.
This one got fooled with a X-Rap.
Horse Mackerel is a common fish caught with ultralight

Small minnows, jigs, grubs and bucktails. All ultralight.

Sam with a nice saddled seabream (Oblada Melanura).

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