January 9, 2012

Polarized Sun Glasses. My favorite Brands.

When it comes to fishing I am very picky in the technical gear department. I rely on good brands and usually when I like something that I enjoy I just stick with those brands. Call it brand loyalty.
 There are two categories where I am very loyal: Outer Gear and Sunglasses.
I give very much importance at what I wear when I am out there fishing. I think a pair of good polarized sunglasses are a must if you do any kind of fishing. Maybe it might look like a good pair of polarized glasses are required only for shallow fishing or fly fishing in rivers, but it is not the case. They take out the glare, which means you can be more comfortable while looking at the sea, not only for searching fishes feeding at the bottom.
There are two brands out there that I like a lot. One is Smith Optics and the other one is Costa Del Mar.
My first pair were Smith Optics Commander model with grey lenses and a cool metal frame. I still use it but it is kind of too dark when fishing at dawn. I had to get an alternative so I ended up with a pair of Costa Del Mar glasses that features interchangeable lenses. It comes with three shades useful for most of my fishing situations.
I kinda fell in love with Costa not only for their nice products but also because they are a real fishing sunglasses company and if you give a look at their website you will be impressed by "how cool" it looks. It gives you the feel of sunny days, tropical waters, unexplored places, big fishes and great adventures. Just check their website. There is so much stuff related to fishing: Destinations, Reports, Films, Fish conservation projects, etc.
I like the company and the effort they have put on the website. I am a angler and a marketer, so anytime I see well executed website I feel the urge to share it on my blog.

The main page: Nice layout.

Many locations you can explore. Photos and films do add some spice.

Lots of models to choose and customize.

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