January 21, 2012

DUO Lures Painting Process

I like to see how my favorite fishing tackle are made. I have already posted some nice links on how Maria lures (see here) and fishing rods are made (see here). This time I have found a very interesting post on DUO's facebook page that shows how these amazing lures are painted. After reading about the painting process I understood why those lures looks so great. There is an incredible craftsmanship behind it. Many hours and skilled hands that transform a transparent plastic item in a real looking minnow.

The lures are painted with an airbrush. No wonder they look so great.

Hand made airbrushing, 5-6 coats of paints, paint masks and curing time. A DUO lures takes almost 25 minutes to get through all the painting process. Everything is done with the utmost care and dedication. About 5000 lures are painted every day. Check the whole painting process at DUO's official blog. Worth a reading.

One coat is done. Time for the paint to cure and start the second coat.

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