January 24, 2012

Carolina rig setup for Ultra Light Fishing

When fishing for horse mackerel I usually prefer a regular setup with a 1.5-2.g jighead, 5lb fuoro and 0.6 PE braid. Sometimes, if I need distance I rely on a carolina setup. It is basically a setup that involves a weight followed by a leader and very light jighead or weightless hook.
The trick here is to decide on what weight to use for casting the small soft lures.
There is a company in japan named Tict that offers a special "caro weight" for this kind of setup. The website offers a nice draw on how the setup is supposed to work. Also there are videos that show the rig in action.

The setup: FC or braid line + Caro Weight + small swivel + 20/30cm FC leader 3/6lb and final light (0.2 / 0.4 g.) jighead.

I am not a fan of "weights" between the line and the lure, but sometimes it is needed to reach some distance or a certain deep when using ultra light soft lures. 

I have also tried a different setup using these as weights.

The Tict version might be better because has the small "pipe" that is snug free. I also used a similar one made by Italian company Stonfo
With a 4gr. models I was able to cast about 35m with a ultralight rod setup.

What about the jighead?

I go with these models. Or you can try these by Tict:

Source: Tict , Owner


Andy said...

Hi RC.

I am not saying you are wrong, but this Caro weights do not (in my mind) represent a true Carolina rig.

A Carolina rig was developed in Carolina, USA, for use in waters where the bottom is weedy. The idea being that you cast out and allow the weight to settle, but for the soft lure to rise above the weed. You then feel the weight of the lure and allow a very small amount of slack line so that the lure rises a little more in the water. You can then twitch the lure and make it appear to be darting into the weed for cover from a predator. This is why the use of heavier weights 3/4 ounces+ (21 grams+) are often used for Carolina rigging. This much weight allows a person to work the lure but without moving the weight itself. The lures used for Carolina rigging should be buoyant / floating types too so they will rise above the weed on the bottom. Of course, over a non weedy bottom any soft lure can be used, really speaking.

The Caro weights shown come in various sizes and can be floating, suspending or sinking in their nature. Although they act as an extra weight to aid casting, they do have a very specific way of being fished. This can be just below the surface, half way down the water column or on the bottom itself.

As I said, this isn't meant to cause any offence, it's just stating how I understand the Carolina rig to be worked.

RC fishing said...

Hello Andy,

Thank you for the explanation. I never used a carolina rig for anything besides ultralight fishing. The japanese call it "caro"lina rig so I just wrote it that way. They call it this way because basically it is a setup that involves a weight and a swivel.

Andy said...

No problem my friend. For a long while I couldn't understand the Carolina rig. To me. it was a Texas rig with a swivel and a short length of line connecting the hook. It wasn't until a guide friend explained the history of the Carolina rig, that it suddenly made sense to me.

The Caro weights are really great, btw. I have used them locally so as I can still fish a weighted hook / jighead directly over the top of submerged weed beds without the risk of getting caught up in it all.

Andy Choe said...


where can i purchase this caro weight in singapore?