January 3, 2012

Book: Blues

I have already wrote some posts in my blog about one of my favorite fish to catch: the bluefish (Pomatomus Saltatrix). I first learned how to catch this fish in Europe but the "real" encounter with this amazing fish has been in the US and specifically on the East Coast. I have spent days chasing large size bluefish in the flats and the surf. I got big ones and even the small ones,known as "snappers". I tried to learn about it as much as possible  about bluefish and fishing techniques. Somehow for me the bluefish was more valuable to chase than the striped bass. It is the strength and aggressiveness of the blues that keeps me chasing it still today.
While looking for some reference books I found a very interesting piece of literature that features the Saltatrix.
"Blues" is a book written by Pulitzer winner John Hersey written in 1988.
It is a semi-novel I would say. It portrays a series of imaginary conversations between a fisherman and a stranger on the famous Martha Vineyard Island in Massachusetts. The fisherman takes the the stranger to fishing, every time they meet, he teaches him everything he knows about the bluefish, from how to catch it, to its feeding habits, fauna, reproduction cycles and so on.

I think this book is a must read for every fisherman. It is short and easy to read. Includes interesting fishing stories, scientific facts, poetry and even cooking. All these conversations and information are set in the soft and delightful atmosphere of Martha's Vineyard, which is indeed a great spot for fishing this amazing fish.


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fs said...

What a coincidence!!! I was reading this book yesterday . As a matter of fact this is one of the very few books regardless of subject I have read more than once in my life. A lot of interesting stuff and a deep philosophy . There is a part which explores the question about why some years the bluefish are abundant and then why they almost disappear for a few years or even for longer. I thought this was relevant to my fishing for blues between 1979-1992. Now however it's a totally different and sad situation as the bluefish in our waters are in danger of extinction....