October 22, 2011

Those Little Jigs

In the past I used to think about jigs as big pieces of metal weighting between 50 and 300 grams used mostly for vertical jigging. Later I have found out about shore jigging with smaller jigs in the 15-40 grams and ultimately I discovered the ultra light jigs and start buying a bunch of them.
These small ones are mainly used for tiny marine predators such as horse mackarel, rockfish, small jacks, garfishes and even small seabass.
My first jig ever. The Little Bit.

I first discovered these jigs in a couple of online videos made by Shimano and Daiwa. I saw the fisherman using ultralight gear to cast this 3 to 5gr. jigs and catch rockfish, aji (horse mackarel in Japanese) and some type of small jacks. It looked like fun and I started doing some researches. I realized that the small ones get respect as much as the big ones and that the almost all jig manufacturers produce small jigs for the ultra light fishing.
The 7 gr. Mucho Lucir. A nice jig, a little fragile on the paint.

My first jig has been the Maria "little bit". A very cute small jig that with the right setup (we are talking about 7ft rods with 0-7gr. casting rates and 6-8lb PE lines) you can cast almost 40 meters.
These things I so cute that sometimes I buy them just for the looks. (who doesn't!).
I have a small collection that I am willing to try soon especially for garfishes. Last month I got an attack on a small mucho lucir (again, Maria) but it didn't hook up.
Here are a bunch of links:

Maria Little Bit
Maria Mucho Lucir
Smith Sirasu Jig II

My tiny arsenal! (from bottom: Smith, Owner, Jazz, Maria)

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