October 23, 2011

Tackle House

When it come to lures, Japan has a lot to offer. There are many companies that produce very nice lures.
One of those is without a doubt Tackle House. The Tokyo based company is famous for is K-Ten lure.
This is what their website says about the K-Ten : "A lure that can reach further and has a wider range of use than any other...the K-TEN Blue Ocean was developed to satisfy these dreams. The magnet-loaded fully automatic gravity moving system allows it to reach an astonishing casting distance and perform outstanding luring actions. With its simplified design, increased versatility and unlimited potential, the K-TEN Blue Ocean is still regarded by many as the finest plug produced by Tackle House."

I just ordered both the K-Ten Blue Ocean and the Contact Feed Shallow, with the latter being regarded as a real seabass killer in shallow waters. I will write more about these lures and the company itself once I get my order in the mail. For now just take a look at their english website.

Tackle House Website in English

K-Ten Blue Ocean

Contact Feed Popper (120mm - 30gr.)

Contact Feed Shallow (128mm - 18.5 gr)

1 comment:

vehbi said...

I like ..k-teen blu ocean and he did it in summer time like hell hot, amazing with two bluefish even arround Kuşadası.!!