October 22, 2011

Love at first sight

If you look closely at the picture in the header you will recognize the lure. It is a Maria Blues Code. It is a lure that means a lot to me. It is the lure that got me my first fish at spinning and also it is the lure that I really enjoyed casting and reeling in. Made from the famous Japanese company Maria, it is ideal for many type of marine predatory fishes in the Mediterrean sea. It casts like a bullet, and if retrieved correctly, and with a little of creativity, it can give you big satisfactions. I heard of friends taking bluefish, barracudas, seabass and leerfish.
It is available in different sizes and weights. (45mm,60mm,90mm,115mm)

A 115mm BC in my favourite color (code:BBH)

The only drawback is in the original fragile Owner ST-36 treble hooks. Last year I lost a nice fish because of a bent hook. I don't know if they still mount the ST-36's but I would certainly switch (as I did myself) to the ST-46 or the even stronger st-56 models.

Check the link for more details, available colors and cool underwater videos that show the movement of the BC.
Maria Blues Code (in Japanese)

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