October 22, 2011

A late start...

About three years ago I had the idea of writing a blog about plug fishing and shore jigging. I was ready with the images, the text, the stories to post  but somehow I never gave it a proper start. 
I started and lately deleted many blog account, always held back by personal issues or general laziness :)
After years of fishing around and tons of money spent on a wide range of tackles, here I am, ready, this time, to start this long planned blog.
Here you will not see many fancy exotic locations, trophy sized fishes or stunning videos. Instead I'll try to focus on fishing gear, lures, snaps, tackle etc. Sure, from time to time I will have the joy to share some amazing pics or video links found over the net, but I am planning more on introducing my favorite tackle, give updates about new products hitting the market and whatever you can think about lure fishing and shore jigging. 

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