October 30, 2011

Fishing Report vol.1: Night Fishing for Seabass

A good fishing blog should definitely include some nice fishing reports with cool fish pictures.
So, as a start, I am posting the report of this nice catch made by my friend Savaş back in 2009.

Savaş is a very skilled angler with a special interest in catching enormous European seabass. I can honestly say that he is very good at it :)
Savaş with the 3.3 Kg seabass.

3.8 Kg!

Below is the short report written directly by Savaş:

"It was a very exciting night of fishing back in September 2009. Actually I wasn't planning to go after seabass that night as I was just fishing for mullets. After witnessing an attack of a good sized seabass on a mullet I had hooked, I decided to switch to my spinning setup and put on a lure resembling a juvenile mullet. While I was retrieving the lure for the thirtieth time, I got a huge hit and after an hard fight I landed my first 3.8 kg bass. After the catch I kept fishing and had to wait for almost two hours before a second bass hit my lure again. The second one weighted 3.3 kg. That was an unforgettable night of fishing and made me a good seabass fisherman..."

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