October 23, 2011

The best boxes in the business: Meiho Chemical

I have to admit that I am fond of tackle boxes. I use them a lot and I like keeping all my lures and accessories in order. I have tried many brand out there but, without any doubt, the best tackle boxes are the ones made by the Japanese company Meiho Chemical.
This year I had the chance to buy a couple of them over the net. What can I say? They are awesome, well made and durable. What impresses me is the quality of the molding. The tolerances are perfect, no gaps whatsoever between the hinges or latches. When you close the lid you can feel the quality the same way you feel when you shut the door of a luxury car. You get the idea.
If you check the catalog you will see that Meiho produces hundreds of different models. They have the right box for every situation and need.
Meiho SFC S and M Lure Boxes

Right now I am using some Meiho SFC boxes. SFC stands for System Fishing Compo.They are polypropylene boxes that come in 9 different sizes and 5 different setups. You have the fly,worm,lure, plain and spinner versions. I like the SS,S,M and L sizes. The small one is perfect for ultralight tackle, while the S and M can be good for 5-6cm minnow lures or small soft baits. I also have the spinnerbait version that I use for my long jerk minnows. The center divider helps keeping everything organized.
I love them ! A+!

For more info you can check this link:
Meiho Chemical Industry

Detail of the Latch. The material and the molding is superb!
Made in Japan

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