October 22, 2011

Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas? I would say Atelier!

The first time I visited a Bass Pro Shops in the US I thought that nothing else would come close to the definition of "the perfect fishing enthusiast store" as BPS. I was amazed by the massive amount of rods, lures, clothes and all the stuff related to fishing. The items were there, so was the beautiful decoration with fish tanks, real size boats and mounted sailfishes.
Later I paid a visit to Cabelas and I was equally impressed.
Now I see this incredible Japanese shop named "Atelier". I admit that I am a little "biased" towards the JDM fishing style but seeing this great amount of JDM fishing items displayed in a ultra modern minimalist Japanese hi-tech style is just ultra cool. Maybe we cal call it a mix between an Apple store and BPS. Now, If I could only paid a visit to this store with a limitless credit card :)

Check yourself, and please, just don't drool over the keyboard :) Enjoy!

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