April 19, 2014

April 13, 2014

Ripple Fisher's Fishing Diary

If you like big fishes, amazing island, great tackle and delicious food, you should definitely check the fishing diary of the famous rod maker Ripple Fisher. It is in Japanese but with some good google translate you can understand part of it. Besides, it more about the photos that are worth thousands of words. In the end you realize that those guys at Ripple Fisher are having a blast testing new rods around the world and especially the southern islands of Japan (Tokara anyone?)
You can see tuna, amberjack, flatfish, hira suzuki, mackerels, madai, chinu and so on. Everything is in there.

Source: Ripple Fisher

March 28, 2014

DUO Spearhead Ryuki in floating model

One of my favorite ultralight lures has just been introduced in floating model. The Ryuki is a trout lure that loves strong currents and I had good results with it. Now DUO has made a floating version which I am sure will be good in saltwater too. The fact that it is floating might help fishing the upper part of the water column and avoid snags during the retrieve. The sinking models likes fast retrieve but maybe the F  model will work well with a slightly slower retrieve.

The floating lure is 2.8gr. compared to the 4.5g of the sinking model.

Also available in 70mm size.

March 19, 2014

LRF with hard baits. Leon's video got it all

Leon is an colorful and important angler in the light rock fishing scene. You get check many videos on youtube. I wish they were with English subtitles. I am sure we could learn a lot from him.
Anyway here is a video about fishing with hard baits. Leon is delivering as usual some nice action.

Here is a bonus video by Tomu Shimizu. Nice LRF video with some underwater footage.