December 8, 2013

New lures join the DUO Tetra Works family

DUO's Tetra Works series has some serious lineup of models for all light fishing lovers around the world.
Yesterday I have found that the famous TOTO model has received two more variations that will satisfy certain situation we encounter during light fishing.

The TOTO is a little great minnow that was first introduced as a 42mm size and later joined by the 48mm version for bigger predators and longer casting.

Now we have two more models : the TOTO 48HS and the TOTO Shad 48S.

The 48HS has the name suggest is a TOTO with Heavy Sinking. The model receives a little bump in weight from 3.7g to 4.5g) and a new lip design. 

Since there is no English news yet here is what DUO JAPAN says (google translated)

Update model with improved water involved performance and cast performance micro minnow is a weak-based Toto 48S, Toto 48 heavy thinking. Rather than just adding weight, lip changed to square lip of the falling tendency with an emphasis on water bite. Fast retrieval of game day, of course, also in the center of the night game, slow retrieve will grasp the change of flow which is the byte chance...

The translation is a little funny but basically we have a heavier minnow with a lip suited for fast retrieve but also slow during night fishing. 

The Shad 48S  

The size and weight remains the same as the HS but the lip is definitely suited for deeper waters. The advantage of this model is the ability to scan a deeper water column. I cannot see the range in meters but I will wait and see if I can get more info about it.

These are just introduced in Japan. Hopefully we will see them for sale around the world soon!

Source: DUO Japan

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