November 30, 2013

Happy 100.000 Rock Fishing Spain!

My friend Sam's blog has just reached the 100.000 visits milestone. I am very happy for him. If you like rock fishing and LRF in general you definitely have to visit his blog. It is in Spanish be the photos are gorgeous and the amount of info you can find is pretty good (google translate helps here).


November 27, 2013

Kurodai Game with FCLLABO

This is a type of fishing that I wish I could do home. True, the seabream is similar to the Kurodai and it loves lures but the way they fish the Kurodai in Japan with light gear in calm inshore waters is the best.
Those fellas love top water lures and so do I.
Here is a video made by the legendary FCLLABO. It is a long one but very good indeed.

November 25, 2013

Light Game with Jackson Lures

There is something special with light lure fishing. Maybe it is the light rod, ultra thin lines and those small lures that look very cute almost like little toys. I enjoy all kind of fishing but once I get my hands on a light setup I enjoy hitting the water chasing garfish, horse mackerel and some rock fish.

Jackson has been under my radar after the introduction of the Pymgy Box series. The series is made of all the range of lures you need in a light approach: mini popper, mini minnow, pencil, vibration, shallow darter.

The prices are about right (800 YEN in Japan) and the quality is not bad. I have seen better made lures but for the price are above average.

The Shallow minnow and the Popper are the latest guys to join the family. I hope to get my hands on them soon. In the meantime check the videos below. The guy is having a blast with small barracudas and jacks. Light fishing is so fun!

November 23, 2013

Winter Sale at C9 Tackle

We are getting close to the end of the Year and online stores are starting to offer special discount for the Christmas period. My friend Jed's store Cloud Nine Tackle has just began a %15 sales on all lures and hooks in the store. If you love JDM lures you cannot miss this opportunity. Check now

November 21, 2013

Shimano Saltwater Page

More good news for saltwater anglers!
Yesterday I wrote about the new Light Game Page by Shimano. Today  I am sharing the SALWATER WORLD page.
It has basically the same layout as the light game page but here the videos and the article looks more interesting (seabass, egi, shore casting, offshore...). Have a look here


Also check the facebook page for Saltwater Anglers. It is in Japanese but the posts are mostly photos and videos. Who needs translation when you have cool videos and photos to watch?

November 20, 2013

New Shimano Soare Light Game Page

Shimano has recently update the light game fishing page and they come up with an excellent result.
The new page is really good as in typical Japanese fashion. The amount of info you can find is simply astonishing. There are several sections: reels, rods, lures, beginner corner, videos and techniques.
It is in Japanese but with Google translate you can ready some of it. They have basically take all the info and page related to light fishing and put them together.
Have a look here


Source: Shimano Japan

November 13, 2013

Shimano Saltwater 2013 Catalog

This is great news for all Shimano fans! The 2013 SW Catalog is online in digital format.
Enjoy it here

Some shore casting Shimano style

Nice video is up on Shimano TV. Check here

November 7, 2013

Shore Casting Daiko Style

Nice video from rod maker Daiko

Show me your catches!

My friends on facebook are asking me why I post many lures photos but almost nothing about what I catch.
I admit that I don't have much time for fishing and spend more on buying lures and taking photos. I love fishing and certainly I wish I had more time for fishing but with all the busy schedule and lack of good fishing spots near home I am forced to do short fishing trips on an irregular basis or do some catching in foreign countries.
Anyway, I am sharing some of my catches I made in Tokyo Bay last October. It was a great fishing experience that I will definitely write about in a near feature.

November 3, 2013

Angry Birds by Rapala

I don't know if this is new but I wanted to share it on my blog. Very creative idea and the result is a bunch of very funny looking lures.  I recall Rapala made something similar during the European Football Championship 2008  by putting the county flags on the lures.

See them here

November 2, 2013