June 6, 2013

Major Craft Turel. A New Model For the International Market

Before writing my last week fishing report I want to share this new info coming straight from Major Craft. I had already seen some posts on Major Craft facebook page about the introduction of a new series specifically designed for the International market. The Japanese company has a strong following in Europe therefore this is definitaly a big and important step for them.  Especially the Europeans have different tastes when it comes to rods and sometimes the designs of the JDM rods were no always the best match for spesfic locations and fishes.
The new series named "Turel" is very interesting. A long array of models ranging from LRF to X-Heavy (80gr. casting) application.  They come with eva grips, fuji reel seats and K guides.
More info will probably coming soon. In the meantime check this photo.

Stay tuned...

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