April 25, 2013

New Rod: Shimano Coltsniper BB 900M

Here I am. Happy like a kid. Just got my new rod in the mail. I was looking for something to use in shore jigging this summer. My objective was to find something in the medium-heavy range that would handle some 50-60gr. jigs and big lures for some action in the Mediterrean Sea.
My previous rod was a St.Croix 8.6 14-56gr. salmon rod. It is still a decent rod but not enough suited for shore jigging. The short handle section was a pain to use for long time jerkings.
Anyway, after trying a Shimano Coltsniper BB rod in a store in Tokyo I fell in love with it. A very smooth and surprisingly flexible rod but a shore jigging application. It weights 209 gr. which means long fishing sessions without getting too much tired.
I choose the 9 feet model as I am not keen with the longer 9.6 or 10ft models. It is very light for a 60 gr. class rod. Now I need some time to test it and write about it in more details.
I still have two more rods to try. The custom LRF rod I built last month and the Yamaga Blank Early seabass rod.
For now just take a look at the photos and wait for more.

Nice logo. The BB is a lower grade  version of the Coltsniper


Split EVA handle. The length is good enough for shore jigging.

PE 1-2 Class

Fuji K guides 

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