March 26, 2013

New Maria Lure: Squash. Official Video

Here is the new lure introduced by Maria Japan. It is a lipless darter "Ima sasuke" style. It is a big and fat lure  that looks very promising for chasing seabass. The spec are not yet definitive but we are talking about 125mm for 20 grams and three treble hooks. The colors and finish looks awesome. Wait for an introduction in April 2013 (Japanese market of course)


March 21, 2013

How Rods Are Made. Major Craft Factory

Major Craft is a very prolific Japanese rod maker. They make many rods that anglers use throughout the world. They have anything from cheap bass to expensive tuna fishing rods.  Recently they have shared some photos and info about their overseas factory in Vietnam.
One of the reason they can afford to sale good quality entry level rods at good prices is their capacity to make rods in other countries than Japan. I think that when you start building rods in other countries you have to make sure that the quality control is top notch and that the material used are always of prime quality. According to this page here everything looks all set for Major Craft. A clean and professional looking factory in Vietnam where they make some of the series that we enjoy specially in Europe.

Make sure you check all the photos that show the rod building process.

March 7, 2013

Crazy Little Lures

Today I am writing about two nice lures I have found on youtube.
The first one is a "weird" darting lure made by Jackson Lures. It is called Dart Magic and if you check the video you will understand why. I curved, offset lure that darts like crazy. The guy enjoys catching some trouts in a lake full of them. I would really like to see hot it works in salt water with small fishes. Maybe a new weapon for LRF?

Check below:

The other one is a regular ultra small pencil (50mm). I am putting it here because looks great and it costs an arm and a leg. (2100YEN) It is made by Madcap Bros. Check here.

March 5, 2013

Smith Ltd 2013 Catalog

It is year 2013 and the new tackle catalogs have started to the uploaded on the web. The latest one is from famous brand Smith Ltd.  Enjoy here

March 3, 2013

Shimano vs Cars

No need to comment on this video. Just watch.

March 1, 2013

Geecrack 2013 Catalog

The famous Japanese brand has just introduced the new 2013 catalog. Geecrack makes some nice tackle bags and fishing equipment. Worth giving a look.  Click here and enjoy.