August 26, 2012

Lure Report: DUO Toto 42, Bivi, Storm Flutter Stick 4cm

As I wrote on my previous post, my fishing trip was a disappointment in terms of catches. The good part was the testing of new lures and equipment. My first part of this review series will be focusing on some ultralight lures that I tested in the Egean waters.

DUO Tetra Works Bivi

This is a micro vibration lure that has really surprised me. I have to admit that I am not a frequent user of these kind of lures so I don't have much experience.  I wanted to try the lure for some bream and garfish fishing and to see the cast-retrieve action.

Cast:  This little lure is 40mm long and weights only 3.8 g. but it casts like a bullet. With my 7.4ft 0.6-8g rod and 0.4 PE I was able to reach 25-30 meters with ease.

Action: It is a vibration lure so it does vibrate and rattle. The lure is tiny and the vibration surely would attract fish. In my case I got a couple of chases from garfishes in the last meters of the retrieve but no attack. I think it is a versatile lure for breams for when the water are moving and foam is produced.

As usual, the details and the quality of the paint is superb. Need to be tested again in some white water and faster current.

 DUO Tetra Works Toto 42

A great micro minnow from the Tetra Works series. This is a regular minnow that can be used in all conditions and a great variety of small sized predators.

Cast: It is 42mm for 2.8. The presence of a lip and a 1g. difference is noticable in the casting. It doesn't get as far as the Bivi but I was able to constantly hit 20 meters with ease.

Action: It is a sinking minnow that has a tight rolling action. I enjoyed twitching it and changing retrieve speed. I think with fishes like garfishes is better to get a fast retrieve and use is slower in white waters for bream and other predators.  The rolling is irresistible and a couple of garfishes have actually assaulted the lure with no hook ups.

It is a minnow that I enjoyed a lot. More than the Bivi but mostly because I enjoy fishing with small minnows and I feel more comfortable in giving some action with rod twitches. It might have some great potential with mackerel inside port areas as well.

Storm Flutter Stick 40mm

Storm Flutter Stick 40mm

This lure was a great surprise. I like fishing with lipless minnows but this was the first time casting a micro model. I consider lipless minnows very fun to fish with given the fact that you can manipulate and animate the retrieve as you prefer.

Cast: 5 grams per 40mm are very good numbers. no surprise that this little lure casts like a bullet and surpasses the Toto42 and the Bivi, although the difference with the latter is really minimal.

Action: A lipless that needs to the animated with the rod. I enjoyed retrieving it fast with short but quick rod twitches. The small lure shines under the surface and has a very tempting action. Almost a WTD subwater. The twitches causes the lure to roll and give a nice reflection. Looked a lot like a injured small bait trying to survive in the water. I got two garfishes and several hits on it. I think it performed very good and I will use it again, maybe skipping it in order to fool some bluefish. Definitely an interesting lure.  I tried a very slow retrieve and the flutter stick responded with a steady wide wobbling. Very good indeed.

The second part will be about a PE braid that impressed me a lot. The YGK G-soul X-3

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