June 11, 2012

Short Report

I spent Sunday morning fishing a spot close to home. The purpose was actually trying the new tackle I got. I already knew that the water would be slow and that getting an hit almost impossible.
I was eager to wet the line on a couple of lures and try my new Shimano Elf reel spooled with some Power Pro  Slick 8 braid.

The lure:

I have tried a couple of new lures but I was eager to try the Seaspin Pro-Q 90. This is a very fine WTD lure indeed. It casts very well and it is really easy to give action. Retrieve it slow or fast and the lure comes to life. With a slow retrieve you get a wide WTD action, with a fast retrieve it starts going up and down with some tight movements. It reminds me of the action of the zara spook but you get a far better casting and a more erratic movement on the fast retrieve.

The Line:

I was very curious about the new Power Pro Slick 8 braid. I spooled a 10lb in aqua green color. The line casts very good and smooth. The retrieve was effortless and very easy on the guides. I liked it a lot but the line is too new for a complete evaluation. Right now I can feel the silky surface but only time will tell if it will stay this way for long or start fraying after a couple of fishing trips. For the moment is looks like a bigger improvement over the previous 4 strand lines by Power Pro.

2500 Shimano Elf

The Reel:

The 2500 Elf does not only look good on photos. It is indeed a nice piece of equipment priced at the right range. The casting was effortless and the retrieve silky smooth. It needs some time to see how it holds on heavy and constant use. Definitely a good choice. I didn't see any problems in the winding of the braid. The whole casting-retrieving was done without problems.

The reel spooled with 10lb Power Pro 

My tackle box: Seaspin Pro-Q, Coixedda 100, Maria Miss Carna
River2Sea Valor Minnow , Rapala MaxRap and  K-Ten Blue Ocean HG

Shimano Elf (Online Store)

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