June 8, 2012

"How it is made" by DUO

This is a great video. I always wished lure companies share some footage of their tooling and all production steps involved in creating those little plastics we all love. I have already seen many rod makers video so this one on lure making was astounishing. The best part is that this is only the first video of more to come. 
Hats off to DUO for this initiative. It is really a great pleasure to watch all the process involved. A great thanks to Martin for sharing it with all the fans in the world. Really looking forward for the next videos.
The more we see videos like this and the more we understand and admire the lures we use during our fishing trip. In a instant, after watching this video, my DUO lures in the tackle box have become more valuable to me.  
Make sure to bookmark the youtube page of DUO (Here)
Great A+

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Andy said...

Brilliant stuff RC!